“In Woodcraft Folk I’ve seen how relatively small sums of money can pay for the space and minimal equipment we need to give children really inspiring experiences, and empower them to make positive contributions to their communities. It’s essential youth groups like us can carry on doing this” - a member in Harrow.

Woodcraft Folk is the co-operative children and young people’s movement in the UK and have for almost 90 years been at the forefront of progressive education. We rely on your support.Through your donations or by becoming a volunteer, we run hundreds of grassroots education groups in towns and cities across the UK where young people of all ages play games, make friends and learn about big ideas from social justice to climate change through co-operative activities.Woodcraft Folk believe the future is something we build together, that young people are central to the Trade Union movement, and that Woodcraft Folk is THE children's organisation for those who believe in a progressive future.We can only continue to do our work with your support. 

If you wish to support:

  • Our weekly group nights of education, play, environmental, community work for children and young people, then donate today.
  • Camps for the poorest children from Harrow to enjoy THEIR country side, then donate today.

Donate by Direct Debit

By direct debit: Please email us and we will send you our bank details. Complete the direct debit form to make a regular gift through your bank account.Direct Debit Form. If you would prefer to set up a direct debit online, please contact your bank and give them our bank details. Please remember to let us know of your intentions so that we can recognise your donation on our bank statements.

Donate By Post

Please make your cheque payable to Woodcraft Folk Harrow and send it to:

Harrow Woodcraft Folk, 25 The Hoe, WATFORD, WD19 5AY