Welcome to the Elfin Group Page

Elfins is for boys and girls aged 6 to 9. They meet on Tuesdays term time and do lots of activities. Each week they start with an active game, followed by a circle where they discuss each others news. They then play more games and do an activity or craft. This can be anything from woodcraft badge work, craft theme evenings, posters or collage to making cards or making decorations.  

In the summer, Elfins often go outside to play, do rambles in the woods. They usually have group and district camps including a long summer camp. The Elfins go on various trips and excursions.

Harrow Elfins meet Tuesday evening, 6.30 to 8.00pm in central Harrow.  The latest programme continues to include an extensive number of games.  The games are followed by an educational period of badge work, craft work, drama, singing, arts and crafts, varying from week to week.  The evening usually ends with more games.

For further details on the Elfin group please phone john Woolf: 020 8428 2409 or 

Email us.  Click on link.