Welcome to Harrow Venturer Group

Venturers are young people between 12+ and 15+ years old

After Pioneers, our young members join Venturers, aimed at children from 13-15.  More driven by what's happening around them and in the wider world, enthusiastic debates and discussions form a large part of the Venturer calendar.

What's special about Venturers?

While our Venturers carry on with similar kinds of activities as other groups - games, outdoor activities, hiking etc - the atmosphere is more progressive than other youth groups with some challenging debates between members. 

They go camping as much as possible, both at a district and national level, and are pretty much in charge of what they do at group nights. 

Venturers also get involved in helping with the younger members, taking Pioneers and Elfins to camp and helping out at their meetings.

What do our Venturers learn?

As well as having great fun, Venturers learn useful skills to take forward in life such as decision-making, leadership and the ability to form their own opinions, and defend them, on the big issues.  "Venturers is an opportunity to really be an active part of Woodcraft and make a difference, not just within your group or local community, but nationally or even worldwide," says Jess, a Venturer from Harrow. 

"Whether you want to plan your own group nights or get involved in a national campaign, Venturers is a great way to have new experiences and broaden your horizons." 

Why not come down and try it for yourself?

We are a progressive group where your ideas and input are vital, below is a taste of just some of our activities.

 For full details phone John Woolf: 020 8428 2409 or Email us Click on link to email us.